Penn Radiant

  • Compact size for easy installation from 8ft. To 12 ft mounting heights. A lower mounting height kit is required on installations of less than 8ft. Also, a decorative grille kit is offered for drop ceiling applications.
  • U-Shaped Tube Heater
  • Fully calorized aluminized steel tube
  • Tube body pre-assembled
  • Minimum field assembly required
  • Unit overall length assembled is 9ft.3"
Unit of Measure


N/A Space-Ray

Btu Rating

N/A 50,000

N/A About Infrared Heat & Mounting

With Space-Ray’s technology, you can slash heating costs by up to 70%

Infrared tube heaters are both a versatile and reliable way to heat. With heaters ranging from 20,000 Btu to 250,000 Btu, we have a heater for your application. Ranging from your residential garage to a 200,000 + sq. ft. steel mill type structure with a 60ft roof, we have a heater that will fit your application.

With infrared, you radiate heat like the sun, from the ground up. You’re heating the floor, objects, equipment and people. These are things that absorb, retain & re-radiate heat back to the surrounding air to maintain a blanket of warmth. Along with comfortable heat, you can achieve saving up to 50% + on annual fuel costs.

Space-Ray uses the finest performance components in the industry. With Honeywell direct spark ignition and exhaust motors with “heat treated” bearings, you’re using the best infrared tube heater that insures years of quality performance. Space-Ray also uses aluminized calorized steel tubing. They begin with aluminized steel tubing and bake it to a high temperature and it becomes calorized. This is not a ceramic coating or paint, it’s a metallurgic reaction to the material being baked. This gives Space-Ray the highest rating for radiant efficiency on its tube heaters. We also stock a variety of parts for all of the Space-Ray heaters.

Regardless of whether you want to heat people, railroad cars, coils of steel or just your home garage, Space-Ray delivers comfort & productivity.


  • Residential garages
  • Golf driving ranges
  • Restaurants
  • Greenhouses
  • Barns
  • Workshops
  • Warming stations
  • Farm buildings
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Entry ways
  • Solariums
  • Swimming pools